Does Your Rug Cleaning Company Use These 15 Steps To Make Your Rug Look Brand New - And Give You 5 Guarantees to Make Sure You’re Completely Satisfied?

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These days it’s hard to know who to trust with your precious rug... and if you’re like our other customers, your rug holds fond memories of loved ones and happy times that make it simply irreplaceable.

So when you’re thinking about cleaning your rug, you may be wondering…

Will the cleaners clean your rug without ruining it?

Will they even bring it back?!

Will those stains come out?

What about persistent smells - will they linger after your rug’s been cleaned?

Will your rug be lost or damaged in transit?

What’s a fair price - and what can you expect for your money?

They’re all real concerns that are quite common when it comes to rug cleaning - especially in London and the South East.

And when you think about the rogue traders, scam artists and just plain incompetent rug cleaners operating around here, it’s not surprising really.

But things are different here at Hand Cleaned Rugs. In fact, if you use me and the team to clean your rug, I guarantee that:

So when you’re thinking about cleaning your rug, you may be wondering…

Your rug will be returned in perfect condition and as clean as new.

Tough stains will be removed from your rug without damaging it.?

Your rug will smell fresh and even strong nasty odours will be washed away.

From the moment we pick your rug up, to 30 days after we return it, it’s fully insured so you can relax - knowing you’re in safe hands.

You won’t be ripped off. The price you get quoted is the price you pay - so no nasty surprises when you get the bill.

Of course, I don’t expect you to take my word for it - anyone can say anything on the internet - and all of us are a little more sceptical these days. So below is a selection of notes from previous customers.

Here are a some comments from previous customers...

"I cannot fault the service I received. My rugs are approximately 25 years old & although they have been cleaned during this time, this way was by far the best. They look as good as new. Kevin did a remarkable job."

Mrs McGregor, Ewell Village.

"Kevin was excellent - very friendly, helpful and did a fantastic job. Highly recommended and I would book him again."

Vanessa Magor, Sutton

"Excellent all round service from initial enquiry to work being carried out - have kept details & will definitely book again next year. Thank you for a job well done."

Mrs Lawrence, Carshalton.

And if you’d like to dig a little deeper, you’re welcome to call our previous customers and speak to them direct. Just give our office a ring on 020 8685 1721

15 steps to a perfect, clean rug...

The secret to an immaculate rug (and happy customers like these) is our thorough 15 step cleaning process.

Your rug will go through this exact process if you choose us to clean it for you:

Step 1: Determine fibre content (what’s it made of).

The first thing we do is check your rug’s fibre content, which is a technical way saying we check what it’s made of and how it’s put together. Because there are so many different kinds of rugs, it’s important to get this right. That’s because a cleaning process that rejuvenates one type of rug can destroy another. So before we go any further, we take time to make sure we know what we’re dealing with.

Step 2: Make sure it’s suitable to use particular cleaning process for the type of rug.

The next step is deciding how to clean your rug to get it looking like new - without damaging the fibres. Depending on your rug, we may use submersed cleaning, shampoo, encapsulation, dry compound, solvent, an absorbent pad, hot or cold water extraction, or high pressure cleaning. Whatever process we use on your rug, you can be confident it’s the safest and most effective way of getting it clean, chosen by experts.

Step 3: Check overall condition.

Before we begin cleaning your rug, we do two more checks. The first is to assess the overall condition of your rug and whether cleaning it will cause any damage. (In some cases, if a rug is so old and fragile that cleaning will hurt it, we call the customer and recommend they leave it as it is.)

Step 4: Check colour fastness.

The second and final check is for colour fastness. Just like some of your clothes, colours can run and cause major problems. So to prevent your rug’s colours merging into a big mess, we test its colour fastness before we do anything else.

Step 5: Remove dry soil by beating it.

Beating a rug is probably the least technical part of the whole cleaning process, but it’s still very important. People have been cleaning rugs this way for thousands of years because when you want to remove dry soil and dust, it works. That’s why we still beat rugs these days. It prepares your rug for the rest of the cleaning process and reduces the chance of dry dirt damaging your rugs fibres.

Step 6: Pre-treat spots and stains.

If your rug has any spots or stains, we pre-treat these areas with specialist cleaning chemicals to make sure these stains are removed during the main cleaning process.

Step 7: Apply pre-treatments to deal with.

And to get the best possible results, your rug also gets pre-treated with chemicals to break down and remove: carbon soils, pollen, tobacco, foot traffic, grease, oils, tars etc

Step 8: Choose the most suitable method to clean it.

Then, depending on how we’ve assessed your rug, we’ll clean it using either: submersed cleaning, shampoo, encapsulation, dry compound, solvent, an absorbent pad, hot or cold water extraction, or high pressure cleaning. Whatever method is used, you can be sure it’s the best one to get your rug looking fantastic - without damaging it.

Step 9: Rinse it.

Your rug is rinsed twice: first with fresh water, then with a special acid rinse process. It’s not harmful acid though - think of it as “good acid”. It washes out all the pre-treatment products and soil, while stabilising colours and the condition of the fibres.

Step 10: Double check all stains and soiling has been removed.

After all that, your rug should be as clean as the day you bought it. But just to make sure, we carefully check your rug for any soiling or stains that haven’t been removed. If we find any stains, they’re treated and removed immediately.

Step 11: Groom and reset the pile

This reduces drying time and makes your rug look fantastic.

Step 12: Speed dry

Once we’re completely satisfied your rug is as clean is it could possibly be, it’s time to dry it. There are 4 ways to dry your rug: air beds, air movers, hangers and dehumidifiers. The one we use depends on how your rug’s made and what it’s made of. Just like cleaning, choosing the right drying method keeps your rug free from damage - and guarantees your rug is perfectly dry when you get it back.

Step 13: Moisture test to make sure it’s dry.

You’ve probably already noticed we’re quite thorough when it comes to cleaning your rug. So to double check your rug is completely dry and ready to put back down in your home, we carry out a moisture test, then double check it with a dry towel test. This means you can use your rug just as before straight away - without having to keep off it for a few days while it dries.

Step 14: Add stain protector treatment

(optional) - this helps stains to be removed easily and makes your rug last longer.

Step 15: Wrap it up and deliver it

Your rug is carefully wrapped up to keep it safe while we deliver it back to you.

As you can see, an awful lot of care goes into getting your rug clean without damaging it.

In fact, being biased, I think there’s no better way to restore your rugs’ original vibrant colours.

But because I’m biased, I want you to try my rug cleaning service risk-free, and then make your own mind up.

This means you can have your rug cleaned by me and the team, and if you’re not absolutely delighted with the result, you’ll be covered by our unique 5 times guarantee - which means you won’t pay a penny for the job.

Here’s how it the 5 times guarantee works…

Guarantee #1 is simple.

If you’re not happy with your rug after we’ve cleaned it, we’ll re-clean it for free. After that, if you’re still not happy, you don’t pay for the work.

Guarantee #2 is all about stains.

If we can’t remove the stains from your rug, then we guarantee nobody else can either. And if you do find another rug cleaner that can, we’ll pay their bill and give you a refund for our unsuccessful attempts.

Guarantee #3 is for ‘Just in case’.

When we return your rug, we don’t want you to pay straight away. You have 7 days to make sure everything is perfect with your freshly cleaned rug with a post dated cheque.

Guarantee #4 covers you for accidents.

Just like a newly cleaned car attracts bird droppings, customers tend to spill things on their nicely cleaned rugs. So in case this happens to you, you’re automatically covered by for accidental spills and stains for 30 days after your rug is delivered. Just call us and we’ll remove the stain for you.

Guarantee #5 prevents nasty surprises.

Before we clean your rug, we give you a quote for the job and that’s the price you pay at the end. There are no hidden charges, small print or ‘extras’ waiting to surprise you later.

The 5 times guarantee is a great deal that stacks everything in your favour, so you have nothing to lose by choosing Direct Cleaners to clean your rug.

And frankly, the sooner you clean your rug the better. Let me explain…

Dirt destroys rugs. Microscopic dirt particles act like tiny razors that slice through your valuable rugs fibres - gradually wearing it away until it’s beyond repair.

Unfortunately the myth that ‘not cleaning rugs makes them last longer’ is responsible for many customers unnecessarily losing their cherished rug that could have been saved if they’d acted sooner.

So please, don’t let this happen to your rug.

Call us or leave us your details on the form below for a free quote.

Remember, if you use me and the team at Hand Cleqaned Rugs, you’ll get:

  • Your rug returned in perfect condition and as clean as new.
  • Tough stains removed from your rug without damaging it.
  • Your rug will be left smelling fresh. Even strong nasty odours will be washed away.
  • Straight-up, honest prices. The price you get quoted is the price you pay - so no nasty surprises when you get the bill.
  • All backed by the 5 times, no quibble, no risk guarantee.
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    I look forward to speaking with you soon!

    Best wishes,

    Kevin Goodwin,

    PS: Remember, the longer you leave cleaning your rug, the more you'll damage it. Get in touch today and restore it to it's original glory!

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