I’ve spilt my red wine, can you get it out?

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If there is one question we get asked more than any other at Direct Cleaners is whether we can clean spills from a rug.

Coffee, tea, red wine as well as food stains – you name it, we’ve seen it all over the 25 years we’ve been cleaning rugs.

When it comes to removing common stains like these we have excellent success rates – we know all the best techniques, and we use the best professional cleaning products in the industry.

The truth is, we need to see the stain before we will know for sure whether we can get it out – and we won’t charge you a penny for the assessment.

On top of that we will make you a promise – if we can’t remove it and you can find someone else who can, we’ll pay for the treatment out of our own pockets.

Find out what less reputable cleaners don’t want you to find out about the industry in your free report “rug Cleaners’ Secrets”.

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After cleaning thousands of rugs for many years, you get to know what works and what doesn’t. As a member of Woolsafe and the NCCA, you rug couldn’t be in safer hands.

This means you’ll get honest professional advice about the best way to get your rug clean and healthy. We don’t get paid commissions to use one particular method, and we certainly don’t use untested “flavour of the month” chemicals like other rug cleaners.

As you can imagine, these benefits along with our no risk guarantee have most people reaching for their mouse to book a quote immediately. But before you book your quote below, you may have some questions.

In fact, I guess if you and I were just talking you might have some questions about your rug and us cleaning it for you. Since we’re not sitting face to face, let me answer a few commonly asked questions…

Answers to questions you might have…

Q: Are you expensive?

A: No. We’re not the very cheapest either though. The price we’ll quote you will be a fair one, which will reflect the amount of work required to get you the very best results. There are cheaper companies around offering “special deals”, which usually end up with you paying more for “extras” when you get the bill, or just a poorly cleaned rug.

Q: Is the guarantee real?

A: We get asked this question a lot, and the answer is a resounding ‘YES’! It’s really simple and puts you firmly in the driving seat: If you’re not entirely satisfied with our work, we’ll re-do the area for free… And if you’re still not satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked -- no funny business.

Q: Will I have to move my furniture and stuff?

A: No. You don’t have to, but if you can clear the area you need cleaning, it will cost you less (as it will save us time).

Q: Will you leave me with a wet rug?

A: No. Sometimes the rug may be a little damp to the touch for a couple of hours, but definitely not wet.

Q: Is it a messy job?

A: No at all. We’re very careful and leave your home exactly as we found it (except with a much cleaner rug!) In most cases out cleaning machines are kept outside to save cluttering up your home.

Q: I’ve got some really stubborn stains - will these be removed?

A: This depends. When you have us round for a quote, show us the stains and we’ll give you an honest assessment. On the rare occasions where we think we CAN’T remove the stain, we’ll let you know, and tell you what to expect. You can then make your decision based on the facts.

Q: Are you insured?

A: This almost goes without saying, as we consider this to be standard for any professional. However, some people still ask… so for the record, yes. We carry full public liability insurance, so you’re completely covered if any bad happens.

Q: Are you members of a trade association?

A: Yes we’re members of the NCCA which is the highly regarded National rug Cleaners Association. We are also certified by Woolsafe. This is a recognised qualification that requires experience, study and written exams

If you have any more questions, then I invite you to give us a call on 020 8687 1711 where we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

If you’re still in two minds whether to use us or not, let me completely remove the risk for you…

I understand it’s a big decision to let a stranger in your home to do ANY kind of work… And like you, I’m always a bit wary of being ripped off.

So I wanted to put you at ease and shoulder any concerns you may have by offering the "Double 100% Risk Free Guarantee"…

Double 100% Risk Free Guarantee

  • 1) If you're not completely delighted with any aspect of the job we do, tell us and we'll re-do the area for free.
  • 2) If you're still not 100% delighted, we'll give you all your money back with no questions asked

This way, you really can’t lose. The very worst that’ll happen is you’ll get your rug cleaned for free!

Here’s what to do now…

If you want...

Your rug to be the cleanest its ever been since to day it was laid,

To increase the lifespan of your rug by years,

You want to remove the dangerous creepy creatures and chemicals in your rug,

And be guaranteed an amazing job with our double 100% guarantee…

Then book your free, no obligation quote below:

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