Do Not Call Another Carpet Cleaner Until You Have Seen This Short Video About How to Find The Best, Most Honest And Competent Carpet Cleaner In Your Area


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I’m Kevin Goodwin,

Managing Director of

Direct Cleaners Ltd

This is me

I have been working in the carpet cleaning industry since 1991


I am a member of:

 The National Carpet Cleaners Association


The Clean Trust

Check a Trade




And Eco Carpet Care

I am also a Registered Independent WoolSafe Carpet Inspector

My aim is to give you free help and advice to find an honest, competent and professional carpet cleaner.


I have found that in the 20 years of working in the carpet cleaning industry there is a lot of very confusing, misleading and dishonest information out there.


It can be very difficult to know who you can trust and who to call to clean your carpets!


On this site I’m going to tell you a few hidden secrets most carpet cleaners will NOT want you to know


I will also give you some quick tips on how to find the best carpet cleaner in your area.


And 4 mistakes to avoid when choosing a carpet cleaner


And at the end of this site, I will leave you with 7 easy steps to find the VERY BEST carpet cleaners in your area.


Quick TIP

NEVER choose a carpet cleaner that just gives you a price over the phone.


If there is just one thing you get out of this video, this would be it!

Here it is again


NEVER choose a carpet cleaner that just gives you a price over the phone.




There are 4 very good reasons for this…



1) As an Independent Woolsafe Inspector, over 90% of carpet cleaning related problems I see, is when the job was priced over the phone.


2) The NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) highly recommend a full carpet survey is carried out with a full written quotation, before any work is carried out on your carpet.


3) All carpets, conditions and requirements are different, there are also lots of different carpet cleaning methods. How will the company know which method is best for you carpet?


4) Price. When quoting over the phone, they will most likely give you the cheapest price to get the job. You are then in BIG danger of getting a very CHEAP (and bad) job done.


Insiders Secret:

Here’s how most cheap carpet cleaners do it…


They put a powerful, (normally very high alkali) detergent based, carpet cleaning chemical into their machine.


They Inject this chemical into the carpet (via the machine) and extract in one single motion.


And That’s It!!


The good thing about this system is that it can be very easy, quick and cheap to make you carpets ‘look’ clean.


The problem with this system is that about 20-40% of the chemical they put in the machine is left in your carpet!


YES, 20-40% of the chemical is left in your carpet!


This can lead to; premature wear and tear, colour fading, pile distortion, over-wetting, shrinkage and most commonly very rapid re-resoiling.


But the worst part is, not knowing the chemical is left in your carpet!! And the damage it could be doing to you, your carpet and your family.


Here are the Top 4 Mistakes most people make when choosing a carpet cleaner.


Mistake 1:

Choosing a carpet cleaner based on the equipment or system they advertise.


Most companies say their system/machine/solution is the best. But, how do they know without seeing your carpet first?


There are about 6 different systems within the industry. All better or worse on different types of carpets and conditions.



The best way to find out which system is best, is to get a FREE carpet survey from a company that uses every type of system within the industry.


They can then recommend the best system for your type of carpet, condition and requirements.


Mistake 2

Choosing a carpet cleaner based on Advertised low prices


Low ‘Advertised’ prices can be a problem in three ways:

(1) The low price can be the bait that attracts your phone call. 


Once the ‘cleaner’ gets into your home, he pressures you into a much more expensive job.


(2) The low advertised price is usually for a single-clean process only.  Rarely does the customer know what this means and, when told, asks for multi-clean process, which of course costs much more.


(3) The carpet cleaner will most likely be using cheap equipment which may not be the most effective to clean your carpets correctly.


Mistake 3

Choosing a carpet cleaner that is not certified by a respectable trade associations like the ‘NCCA’ or ‘The Clean Trust’


If your carpet cleaner is not a close friend, how do you know whether he has the knowledge or experience to clean your carpet correctly? 


If you want to make sure you’re using a competent professional, make sure he is a member of the ‘NCCA’ and/or ‘The Clean Trust’. If in doubt, ask to see their membership card or contact the trade association directly.


Mistake 4

Choosing a carpet cleaner that doesn’t offer a Full Money-Back Guarantee. 


In my view, every carpet cleaning company should be fully accountable for its work. 


If the cleaner has not done everything he said he would, in every way, you should not have to pay for it.


Ask the carpet cleaner if he offers a full money-back guarantee and then make sure the carpet cleaner includes the guarantee in your written quotation.


Those where the 4 biggest mistakes people make when choosing a carpet cleaner.


To re-cap:

1) Never choose a carpet cleaner just based on the equipment they use.


2) Never choose a carpet cleaner based on low advertised prices

3) Make sure they are a member of a respectable trade association


7 easy steps to find the VERY BEST carpet cleaners in your area


Step 1

Only choose a company that offers a free carpet consultation and written quotation.

NOT a company that only quotes over the phone


Step 2

Choose a company that uses every system or method within the industry

Not a company that only uses one system or method.


Step 3

Choose a company that is a member of the NCCA or Clean Trust AND can prove it

Not a company that is a member of a bogus or worthless or no association.


Step 4

Choose a company that has fixed landline telephone number and a fixed address you can visit

Not a company that only uses mobile phone numbers and do not display their address or uses a ‘virtual’ address.


Step 5

Choose a company that has a 100% money back guarantee and can back it up.

Question how the company back up their money back guarantee and for how long.

For Example:

Can you pay with a post dated cheque after the job is complete?


Step 6

Choose a company that prices by the actual size of the area they clean

Not a company that charges per room or 2/3 bedroom house.

Actual size pricing is a much fairer way  because you only pay for the actual size you have cleaned!


Step 7

Assess how helpful & friendly the staff are that answers the phone

This can give you a GREAT insight as to how good the company is.

If your not super impressed here, how do you expect the company will be when they come to clean your carpets?!


I hope you have found this site useful and helpful.

If you are looking for a professional, competent and honest carpet cleaning company then you can fill out the form below.



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During your free consultation we will give you free advice on stain removal, recommend the best system for your type of carpet


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If we don’t cover your area, don’t worry, we can most likely recommend someone that does.


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Before I go, let me tell you a little bit about my company.


Here’s my Team:

This is Sue

Sue works full time in the office. Sue will normally be your first point of contact when you call us, as Sue answers most of the calls during office hours.


Meet my Team:

This is Mick

Mike is our senior carpet cleaning technician.

Mick started carpet cleaning for us in 1994. He is a very experienced carpet cleaner and is fully certified by The Clean Trust.

Mick has been a great asset to us over the years. He has great customer service and is very reliable.


This is Jean

Jean is highly experienced in providing outstanding customer service and likes nothing better than meeting, helping and advising customers and clients.

Jean in fully trained in Comprehensive Carpet Cleaning, Stain Protection, Rug Cleaning, Leather Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Advance Spot & Stain Removal and Hard Floor Cleaning.  He is also a member of Woolsafe.


Our Guarantee:

DIRECT CLEANERS wants you to be absolutely delighted with every job we do.  Every job comes with our iron-clad, risk-free guarantee.  What does this mean?  Simply this:

We will clean and restore your carpets & soft furnishings to their nearest  obtainable level of original  colour and condition. If we fait to reach your predetermined expectation of cleaning, we will clean it again free. If you are still not pleased, I will refund your payment.



We stand behind every job 100% because we believe in our service and our ability. So relax, we gladly accept responsibility for your furnishings when we are a guest in your home.




It is our responsibility to serve you well. I stake my name on this guarantee.
Kevin Goodwin


Mission Statement

Our Aim Is To Provide A High Quality  Cleaning Service That You Can Rely Upon As Being 100% Professional and Dependable.


What systems do We use?

Well, we use EVERY carpet cleaning system there is within the industry.




Because once we determine your carpet type, condition & requirements, we can recommend the BEST cleaning system suitable for YOU and your carpets.


We do this by giving you a FREE Consultation.

You can arrange your free consultation by filling in the form below.


We price by the sq-ft of carpet we clean. This is a much fairer way of pricing because we measure the area we are cleaning and not charging you for ‘average’ room sizes.


An example of some of the systems we use:

Truck Mount


Bonnet Buff

Dry Compound


Thank You for getting this far into the site, I really hope you have found it useful.


If you haven’t already done so, all you have to do is complete the form below and I will arrange a free consultation with you.


I look forward to hearing from you very soon


Thanks again

Kevin Goodwin